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700 m2 Resin Bound Driveway Cleaning in Surrey

Our team have fully cleaned and decontaminated this 700 m2 resin bound driveway in St Georges Hill, Surrey.

Using our gentle soft-wash resin driveway cleaning process that involves very little pressure, but a high LPM (litres per minute) so we could safely, but effectively clean and decontaminate this 12 year old resin bound driveway making it look brand new once again.

After our resin bound soft cleaning process, our team applied our biocide treatment. This is a chemical that is formulated to effectively slow down the future growth of moss and algae on your resin-bound driveway.

The Finished Result

resin driveway cleaning in surrey


At Kamox have two vans fully equipped for resin bound driveway cleaning, sealing and repairs covering Surrey, with a team of five resin-bound experts with over 25 years of combined experience in the resin-bound installation and cleaning industry.


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