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Why is there Moss on my Resin Bound Driveway?

Professionally installed resin bound driveways require minimal maintenance, however, if they have been incorrectly installed they may require more maintenance.

If your resin bound surface has been installed on a porous subbase, this could be permeable tarmac or concrete, moss and algae will be very unlikely to grow.

However, if your resin bound driveway has been installed on concrete without substantial drainage you may discover issues later down the line with your resin bound surface becoming green and covered in moss. This is due to your resin bound surface being porous and the subbase that your resin has been laid on not being porous, so rain water stagnates and doesn't drain away correctly between the subbase and your resin bound surface making your resin driveway mossy and covered in algae.

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why is there moss on my resin driveway


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