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Can you install a resin bound driveway on concrete?

Yes, you can install a resin bound driveway on concrete. However, there are quite a few downsides to consider when choosing to install your resin bound surface on concrete.

Can you install a resin bound driveway on concrete?

When installing a resin bound surface on concrete, it's important to note that while it's able to absorb moisture, it is not permeable. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that there are proper 'falls' and drainage in place when installing it on a concrete base or over an existing concrete surface.

Typically, a 1 in 100 fall towards a drainage point should be enough to prevent water from accumulating on the resin bound surface.

Often issues we commonly come across when seeing a resin bound surface laid on concrete:

• Moss growth 

• Algae growth

• Higher chance of weeds 

• Higher chance of cracking 

• Ponding of water

• Bonding issues (if the surface has not been primed prior to installing the resin bound surface)

worn resin driveway

In this picture, a resin-bound driveway has been installed over an existing concrete base. Over the years, the resin-bound surface has not bonded correctly to the concrete, causing it to lift away from the base and creating a hole in the surface. If you notice any damage, cracks or degradation we do suggest contacting your original installation company first, but if they are unable to provide support, our team of resin-bound maintenance experts can fix your driveway to maximise the longevity and aesthetics of your surface.

why is there moss and weeds on my resin driveway

In this picture, you can see how this resin-bound driveway has become very mossy and overgrown over the years. This is because the surface was laid on a concrete base with poor drainage, causing the resin surface to absorb water and not allowing rain water to drain away. Over time, this leads to moss and weed growth within the surface, making it much harder to maintain and can cause further issues down the line.


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