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How to fix cracks on my resin bound driveway?

Updated: May 29

If your resin bound driveway has cracks forming our expert National Resin Bound Repair team at Kamox can repair it. Learn More >>

Resin Bound Crack Repair Process:

- We will remove each stone by stone where the crack has taken place on your resin-bound surface.

- Survey and investigate the issue.

- Prime areas with our polyurethane primer.

- Supply and install a colour-matched resin in the prepared area.

How to fix cracks on my resin bound driveway?

If your resin-bound driveway has cracks, loose stones, or the surface has worn through to the sub base our expert team at Kamox can repair it. To ensure the longevity of your resin bound driveway, it's essential to catch any potential issues early.

If you notice any damage, cracks or degradation we do suggest contacting your original installation company first, but if they are unable to provide support, our team of resin-bound maintenance experts can fix your driveway to maximise the longevity and aesthetics of your surface.

Call us today for a free survey or advice: 0300 3735 362


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